RDSH Hyper-V DDA Display Support

Good afternoon. I am looking to POC a native RDSH (server 2022 full desktops) using hyper-v with DDA (with four T4 cards) and RDP. I know this is not the best option but cost is paramount. I am having trouble understanding the display support (single vs. multi) along with resolution support. My understanding is that I will need vApps licenses. However, I continue to see this footnote in this guide - https://www.nvidia.com/content/dam/en-zz/Solutions/design-visualization/solutions/resources/documents1/Virtual-GPU-Packaging-and-Licensing-Guide.pdf.

Applies only to the console display in remote application environments.

Does this mean that I can only use a single display when connecting to the RDP session using vApps licensing? or would I need vPC licensing to unlock the additional displays and resolution?

The current environemt is RDSH 2012R2 using M60 cards and RemoteFX (which is no longer available). Multiple displays work just fine.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

as the restriction only applies for the console session for sure this is not relevant for RDSH as you use RDP :)
So vApps is the right licensing.


is the console session in this case the Win2022 hyper-v host or the console session to the PDSH VM as in mstsc /console?

your response leads me to believe that I can support multiple monitors in the RDSH session. correct?

Multi-monitor is handled by RDP or the remoting stack on top, so yes, you can use every resolution and amount of monitor that RDP supports.
Our console restriction would be the host session. Even mstsc/console should use a RDP session nowadays.