RE: enabling nvidia logo upon starting X


Does anyone remember how to ENABLE the nvidia logo upon starting X. It used to automatically show up for a second before entering Plasma (KDE 4.x back then) however has not been doing so for several years.

Is it an entry within ‘xorg.conf’ or other nvidia xorg file within /etc/X11?


The code to load and draw the logo is gone in recent releases. If you want to display a logo or splash screen, your best bet is to have your X startup scripts launch an X client to display it right after the server starts.

In older releases, the driver might have been displaying the logo, but the X server was clearing the screen faster than the display device could sync to the new signal. It’s also possible your Linux distribution was set up to pass the NoLogo option to the driver.

In ye olden days, both the driver and the X server itself took a lot longer to start, so the logo was visible for much longer.

Hi Aaron

That is what I figured. I can always create a plymouth screen or an SDDM login screen with the nVidia logo for that.

Tnx for the info.