Re-flashing, Memory Increase

Hi Everyone
I recently purchased NIVIDIA Jetson Developer Kit (Nano). I used a 16GB SD (UHS-1) card for flashing my Jetson and followed all the instruction as per the website. I was successfully able to boot and run Ubuntu. I ran into low memory when I installed some libraries as I had free space of 2GB.

I’m quite new to this technology and would be helpful if someone answers the following questions

  1. I understand that my kernel is built on the present SD card (16GB). How can I use a new SD card with more memory? What are the steps should follow to reflash and use a new SD card?
  2. What are the requirements should I consider while buying a new SD card (like storage, type)?


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There are a number of ways, but typically just flash a new (larger) SD card and then perhaps copy content over from the original card at a later date. For example, scp could be used from host PC to Jetson to copy, or rsync. Or if you can connect two SD cards at the same time on the host, then you have options for direct copy.