Re-installation of Drivers in Parrot not working

Hi, im new to Linux and i re-encountered this problem that i had previously solved. I use Parrot OS Security Edition and as you can see from the screenshot I´ve got blacklisted nouveau and everything was running fine until a couple of days ago when nouveau,vesa started to load again. Since then I have purged and uninstalled the Nvidia Drivers, but when I try to reinstall them with
“ sudo apt install nvidia-driver -t parrot-backports ”
I get the error as seen in the screenshot. I´ve tried a lot but couldn´t solve it. If you could help me that would be awesome. Thx.
(Note: i cant use Nouveau because it makes my Laptop CPU go to 80% most of the time) (Sorry for my English, its not my main Language)

[+] Nvidia RTX 3060 Mobile / AMD Ryzen 5800H with Radeon Graphics

[+] Dual-Boot with Windows 10

[+] Parrot Version: 5.2 Electro Ara

[+] Kernel Version: 6.1.0-0.deb11.5-amd64

Bug Report:

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (79.0 KB)

The 510 driver is too old for the 6.1 kernel, it doesn’t compile. Please use a more recent driver.

Thanks for responding. Today it turns out that i have a different problem (I haven’t changed anything ), i got the login loop and cant access. I tried purging everything from nvidia, but that didn´t worked. So i installed it again and made a bug report. I dont know what to do, thanks for your reply again.

nvidia-bug-report.log (361.0 KB)

There are no logs from driver compilation at all. Which version did you install and how?

I haven´t installed anything new, its the same as in the screenshot. When i rebooted I came across the login loop (its the 510 driver installed with sudo apt install nvidia-driver -t parrot-backports
I tried purging everything from Nvidia but it didn´t work.

Thanks again for your reply.

Like said before, the 510 driver won’t work with your kernel. Please check for a repo with at least driver v525.

Tried the v525 but not working getting same error