Re-occuring internal errors

I am getting some very concerning errors that Python3 is crashing. Yikes! This is a brand new re-flash where I used the SDKManager with the Pre-config option. This has happened three times in the past hour now.

For information, do you use Jetpack 5.1.3 or 6.0DP?

Jetpack 6.0DP. Just to note, in this case I have been warned not to do sudo apt update, so I did not do it. Since this error, I had other issues and so I reflashed it one more time and did the system updates, which also seems to install an update to the Kernel or maybe firmware which required a restart and went to the Nvidia loader screen showing a progressbar (not in Ubuntu).

6.0DP is developer preview and there may be certain issues. You may wait for 6.0GA release, or use 5.1.3.

Hi DaneLLL,

Yeah I understand this, which is why I want to post the issue so you and your team are aware and maybe need to fix it in 6.0GA. Understand that I recently bought my Orin AGX which comes with 6.0 pre-installed on it.


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