Re: pmic ic recommended for cd575m tegra tk-1 (cd575m) processor

Dear Nvidia Team,

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We have used CD575M TEGRA K1 series processor (With Kepler Mobile GPU for embedded applications, Document number: DS-06742-007 (Version 02)) in our hardware design.

Earlier we have used AS3722-BCTT-11 DC-DC controller with Multi-phase AS3728-BWLT-1V2 in our design. However, the lifecycle of both AS3722-BCTT-11 and AS3728-BWLT-1V2 parts have become EOL.

Kindly recommend an active PMIC IC that we can use for CD575M TEGRA K1 series processor.

Sreeram R

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Currently there is no other recommendation on this. Will update info here if possible in future.

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