Re-starting install of Tegra Android toolkit 2

I’ve downloaded the Tegra toolkit several times now - It seems to keep missing this or that. The NVPACK/NVSDK sub-directory (which seems to contain, on my colleague’s machine, another copy of the android sdk) is missing and on my latest attempt, it can’t find the ADB.
I assume it’s downloaded everything because that stage gave no errors. However, I’d now like to try re-installing without spending 3 hours waiting for the SDK to download (slow and currently unreliable shared connection here). Is there a command within the NVPACK directory for this.

The machine I’m installing on is very new so this should be easy (and my colleague has had better luck than I have). Can anybody here give any clues as to why the install would fail, given that I’ve tried to do everything as simply as possible?

Re-downloaded and installed (again) and now I get as a debug error in the ‘hello world’ example and I still don’t have the NVSDK directory, which I’m copying it now from a friend who downloaded all this on Friday.
Have you guys at Nvidia updated the server files since Friday and could this be causing my installation problems? I’d rather that than non-deterministic bad elves.

Sorry, missed the debug error:
error : Toolchain “c:\NVPACK\android-ndk-r8d\toolchains\arm-linux-androideabi-4.7.2” does not exist

Finally, got it to compile - it seems that the installation might have been OK but the toolchain version (select from project->properties->Android Directories->Toolchain Version) was set to 4.7.2, which does not exist - so, if there’s a problem in the installation, that’s it.
I set it to 4.7 and it compiled.

sorry for the issue - we’re actively working on it

You’re welcome. Out of interest, my colleague managed to get it to work without a hitch when he downloaded the kit last Friday (19th April 2013). Had it been updated since then? If so, great - I’d rather a simple explanation like that than the sneaking feeling the universe is conspiring against me!
For the record, I’ve got it working now although I did have to install the ‘android-ndk-r8e’ version of the NDK, the latest one that doesn’t need cygwin - I had some problems getting the version supplied with the NVPACK to work with my build.
Thanks for your time.

it seems to be an intermittent problem that only occurs on some machines - no new release in the last few weeks, but expect a release towards google io in mid-may

For ANY system/package that takes more than an hour >1 to download/install, I think the install script should be able to resume itself. There is no point downloading everything in parts and manually installing them(putting plugins in eclipse directory for example), in an event of unscheduled disruption.