If I have a file/part in Nucleus as USD with Nurbs data and I open it in a software that converts the nurbs to a mesh. Can I then later re-tessillate the part to a higher tessillation for instance?

Hello @Jack_Jensen! Is your question referring to the CAD Importer Extension or the omni.kit.mesh.raycast kit package?

What ever way works. The question is more if it is possible or not?
I have not done it myself, I got the question from a client we are working with.

Update from the dev team:

We are working towards geometry processing such as tessellations, remeshing, etc. This will take some time as we need that to make Omniverse bullet proof for bad mesh geometry (which is a big problem in general).

The best method will be if the person handles the nurbs-to-poly conversion in third party app, then brings in the result to Omniverse.

Do you understand what I mean? It is always hard to describe something in writing. :-)

If I have a USD-file with nurbs data and I open it in Blender it is converted to mesh right? If I then want a higher tessillation, can I re-tessillate the file somehow? Or do I have to delete it in Blender and open it again?

If I understand your question correctly, all you’d need to do is re-tessallate in Blender and re-export to OV overwriting your previous stage. Alternatively you can refine the mesh in OV under the Refinement section.