Read analoge signal with gpio from adc moudle

I want to read analog signals with jetson nano.
according to the jetson development board haven’t any analog inputs I wanna use an ADC module like ADS1256
is there anybody here who has some experience with this module or another module to read analog data with jetson nano GPIO?

hello abolfazl_asari,

there’s 40-pin expansion header, NVIDIA Jetson Nano J41 Header Pinout - JetsonHacks.
you may see-also similar discussion thread, Topic 160927 for reference, thanks

I have successfully tested two ADC chips with the Jetson Nano. The MCP3008 and the ADS1115. The ADS is more precise, but the MCP gets the job done for coarser applications, such as when a number of buttons are connected to the same circuit via voltage dividers.

You can interface both of these chips in your code using wiringJet

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