Read and set wifi txpower Jetson TX2

I’m trying to read and set the wifi txpower on Jetson TX2.

I tried by using “iw”, “nmcli” but i couldn’t get any information about it. Also, “iwconfig” cli is not able to read information about the communication modules.

I also try the following (following this tutorial: how to increase wifi adapter power - KaliTut):

sudo ip link set wlan0 down
sudo iw dev wlan0 set txpower fixed 20mBm
sudo ip link set wlan0 up

I had any error with that, but I cannot check that the value was really changed (anyway i think the signal didn’t change). When I run “iw dev” in order to read the txpower, this parameter is not shown:

	Unnamed/non-netdev interface
		wdev 0x2
		addr 4a:b0:2d:48:33:a9
		type P2P-device
	Interface wlan0
		ifindex 7
		wdev 0x1
		addr 48:b0:2d:48:33:a9
		ssid myWifi
		type managed

Any suggestion about how to read and set this txpower?

For built in Wifi on TX2 module, I don’t think that can be changed, all need to follow the Jetson TX1-TX2 OEM Wireless Compliance Guide

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