Read and Write to SD Card on Jetson

I am interested in reading and writing to an SD Card that I would like to add to my Jetson TX2. Is this supported on the Jetson TX2?

The dev kit does have an SD card slot which works the same as on a PC. Other non-dev carrier boards might have this.

So you are saying the SD Card port on the Jetson TX2 supports read/write capability, correct? Do you have any documentation to confirm this or do you know where I can find such documentation?

Yes, this is an “average, as you might expect from any computer” SD card slot. I have a TX2 developer kit here with me and use the SD card slot. Remember that the development kit has a carrier board, and that if you buy a module separately, then the carrier you purchase may not have this. The purchase page for the dev kit is here:

It is hard to see it in that image, but the SD card slot is between the heat sink and the edge of the board which is closest to the heat sink. has a much better image:

If you look closely between the heat sink and the closest edge you will see a metal shield around a horizontally oriented full sized SD card slot.

I’ve used this slot for reading and writing, including copy of entire file systems.