Read multiple text files parallely in Cuda

I would like to search for a given string in multiple files parallely using cuda.I have planned to use pfac to search for the given string.The problem with this is how to access multiple files parallely

Example:We are having a folder containing 1000s of files which has to be searched.

The problem here is how should i access multiple files in the given folder.The files in the folder should be dynamically obtained and each thread should be assigned a file to search the given string.

Is it possible??? Please explain

Thank you

Reading files is not an operation that will run faster in parallel (unless files reside on separate disks). In fact, particularly magnetic disks get a lot slower if many files are accessed in parallel. So you can just perform this operation serially without any speed loss.

Hello sir, I want to do parallization in hierarchical clustering algorithm using cuda language.I want to access multiple input files pararlley, and I want to assign each thread to each input files. how can I do this?Please guide me sir.
Is it possible to do so?

It may be possible to do, but the implementation has nothing to do with CUDA. CUDA code cannot read files from disk or any other source that requires file I/O. You would use the standard host file I/O libraries, perhaps in parallel using some method such as a host threading library.

This process does not involve CUDA and is orthogonal to CUDA.