Read out poses.npy

Hello there,

I want to read out the numpy arrays generated with ISAAC.

Below my code how I create the poses.npy

def write_data(self):
        #gt["METADATA"]["image_id"] = 1
        #gt["METADATA"]["viewport_name"] = 'Camera'
        app =

        for cam_num in range(0,len(self.camera_paths)):
            camera_path = self.camera_paths[cam_num]
            for i in range(100):
            if(self.data_counter == 0):
            gt = self.get_groundtruth()

(...skipped some code here...)

if gt["state"]["instanceSegmentation"]:
                    instance_data = gt["instanceSegmentation"]
                    instance_att = instance_data[1]
                    poses = np.ndarray((len(instance_att)+1,6))
                    for i in range(-1,len(instance_att)):

                        if i == -1:
                            prim_path = self.bin_prim_path
                            instance_id = 0
                            instance = instance_att[i]
                            prim_path = instance[1]
                            instance_id = instance[0]
                        this_partX = XFormPrim(prim_path)
                        prim_tf = this_partX.get_world_pose()
                        position, orientation = this_partX.get_world_pose()
                        orientation_deg = quat_to_euler_angles(orientation, True)
                        poses[instance_id,:] = np.append(position,orientation_deg)

                    groundtruth["DATA"]["POSES"] = poses

When I try a numpy reader I downloaded the array seems empty, if I review it with any other program it just seems ‘encrypted’ which makes sense because those programs can’t read them out properly.

Hope you can help me, thanks!

Hi there,

could you send a shortened working script I could quickly try out?