Read OV2311 camera board temp. sensor register

I’m using NVIDIA Xavier nx board and ov2311 camera. I need to read the ov2311 camera board temperature sensor register. how can I achieve this while streaming is ongoing?

I tried to achieve this using i2cget and i2ctransfer command but since streaming is starting, I’m getting driver or resource busy.
in the ov2311 camera driver file, they provide the function to read the ov2311 register.

can you help me to achieve this?

Hi @dhrumil.godhani,

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hello dhrumil.godhani,

is this the functionality to read the temperature of sensor, please also check the specification to ensure you’re checking correct register.
you cannot use i2c read while the sensor is enable for streaming, due to it’s occupied.
please add the sensor register read/write in the driver side, please check the public kernel sources for the camera controls,
i.e. $TOP/public_sources/kernel_Src/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/platform/tegra/camera/tegracam_ctrls.c
it’s the static int tegracam_set_ctrls(struct tegracam_ctrl_handler *handler, struct v4l2_ctrl *ctrl){..} for sending CID controls.

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