Read Serial Number while Recovery Mode

Hi Community member,

I would like to confirm the following question.
Do you know the any way to read the serial number while recovery mode in Xavier?

Regarding to the TX2, it will be able to use the following command.
./chkbdinfo -a cvm.bin
Can this command be used for other Jetson family?

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hello Kaka_m,

you’re able to execute chkbdinfo to dump platform information.
you should note that its reading cvm.bin to extract the information.
cvm.bin was updated for the last flashing process and it stored to your local machine.
you may also found below during flashing the board,

[   5.4775 ] Saved platform info in $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/cvm.bin

may I know what’s the use-case for reading the serial number while putting into forced-recovery mode?

Hi Jerry-san,

Thank you for your information. But I could not understand your explanation completely.
You mean that the cvm.bin is software and the flash script was used it to read the Serial/Number. Is my understanding correct?

For our use-case, we would like to remain the evidence as log file while writing image per module.

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hello Kaka_m,

could you please have a try to put into forced-recovery mode, and read UID of chip with tegrarcm_v2 binary,
for example,

$ sudo ./tegrarcm_v2 --uid
BR_CID: 0x880219116420f0c1240000000a010140

Hi Jerry-san

Thank you for your information. I will check it. Dose this output value mean the serial number? Can we recognized this value from appearance of module? As you know all module has the unique serial number on each module label.

By the way, can be this command used for other jetson family?

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