Read the CUDA Getting Started Guide! It's brief. It's essential.

If you will follow the instructions in the CUDA Getting Started Guide exactly as specified, and do this before trying anything else, you will have a much easier time of it.

One of the first things this will do is add proper repositories so you can use apt-get to download the CUDA development toolkit and samples and so-forth. Now you will have a variety of essential packages as well, such as freeglut3-dev and this should solve any “missing headers” issues.

I stand corrected and hope that it will help for me to point out this path.

So should this be called the Jetson TK1 Getting Started Guide, if it’s necessary to perform those steps when not doing CUDA development? (FreeGLUT is for OpenGL, not CUDA)

I think it probably should be renamed, yes. Or perhaps on the page where you find a link to it, additional text pointing out that you won’t have full functionality in graphics compilation unless you sign up, download, and install it.

The same actions that will install CUDA are needed to install FreeGLUT (etc.) so it should be noted as essential to full operability.

Note that when you install this it adds some repositories and suggests packages in apt-get. I am curious as to whether anything dependent on those packages is also in those depositories.