Reading 32bit openEXR images


We’ve been using the openEXR format to store most of our 32 bit data. So far I’ve been using the openEXR libraries to do all my C++ and its worked great. We just started getting into CUDA and I’m trying to read in an EXR image and i keep getting DLL errors (all this on the host of couse)

For example the following code compiles just fine but when executed throws an MSVCR80.dll DLL error :

int main(void)
RgbaInputFile file (“000_pos1_dn_crop.exr”);
return 0;

The code runs just fine in C++.

I was wondering if anyone had tried this with success, Ideally I’d like to stick with the openEXR format since our pipeline is already using it, but I’m open to any ideas on reading/writing 32bit images.

I’m using Visual Studio 2005 on Windows XP 64.

I just started using the Cuda Driver API instead and that way I seem to be able to get my EXR data into my program. I’m not very happy with it, I would rather use the runtime api, the Driver API is too verbose.

I got it working with Cuda Runtime

I had to change my Code Generation > Runtime Library to MD and that fixed the DLL error I was having.