Reading battery control signals


I’m trying to read signals from a custom battery solution from user space. I wonder for example how I could probe the BATLOW# signal. The only real help I have found so far comes from here:
where the advice:
You can just read the PMIC REG 0x13 bit3 to know the battery low status.

is given. How would one read this? And also, how would one know the adress? I am guessing that the other non-I2C signals (CHARGER_PRSNT#, CHARGING#, BATTERY_OC#) should also be accessed this way, whereas the I2C-signal could be read and written to by a custom application.

I have tried my best searching for an answer elsewhere but have not succeeded yet.

You can read the PMIC REG by i2c interface. You can know the address from the PMIC spec. (MAX77620 )