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I’m wondering if i want to read the data from a number of sensors how i would go on about doing that with an Arduino ? would the GPIO bus be useful for the connection?

Hey @saif.zamer ,
What’s what you want to do? You want to use an Arduino as a middle man to read sensors? Could you add more details?
Anyway you can check here for the expansion header on Orin AGX. You can connect other devices using gpio and manually implement a protocol, or there are some uart ports and a i2c line to either use an Arduino or some other sensor directly. But all depends on your specific set up and needs.

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Hey @andres.artavia , sorry for the late reply

I want to read data from 4 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - HC-SR04 - SEN-15569 - SparkFun Electronics. and save them onto the AGX Orin dev kit.

Hi, @saif.zamer
So those sensors use normal GPIO pins they don’t need anything special, however, they do need 5V and the GPIO on the Jetson Orin AGX are 3.3V, so you need to covert it, be carefull I’ve fried stuff for that reason many times. But an easier solution is to use an Arduino as a “converter” and connect it via uart or i2c, your choice , Arduino has a lot of examples on that, like this one, and a bit of Python code with pyserial, like here. And that way you can avoid using the convert, save pins on the Jetson and also avoid getting into kernel code. However if you don’t want that, here is a tutorial on Jetson GPIO and if you want, you can start getting into kernel code and develop your own custom driver, in here there is a camera driver example, not the same but can help as a starting point into building the kernel, flashing and where the relevant files are. But to me at least, the first option is better, but all depends on your requierements.


suppose I want to connect them directly, how would i configure the GPIO pins on the orin to match with the pins on the sensor itself ?, where would D2 and D3 be on the orin

Something like this should work ,and the GPIO config for echo and trigger is the same as on the Arduino example that I linked, with echo set as input and trigger as output. Just remember the logic shifter.

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