Ready Player Me in Audio2Face


When will it be possible to import and use RPM avatars in A2F?

You can check out ACE - Avatar cloud engine. We support Audio2Face microservice that allows you to render with any avatars and any rendering engine. Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine ACE | NVIDIA Developer | NVIDIA Developer We have showcased a demo with RPM there

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Can you export the avatar from as GLB? (I thought it was possible but could not find it after some quick Google searches.)

I managed recently to get a VRoid Studio avatar working with Audio2Face (exported as a VRM file, which is a GLB file), but I had to write scripts to clean up the mesh. VRoid Studio was doing things like generating lots of vertexes that were never used in any mesh.

I am still working on putting it all together however (sequencer, use in combination with full body animation clips, hair physics, etc).

I fixed your URL typo - the url you accidently typed was a ransom ware site. So please be careful when you share the ready player URL :)

Awesome work! If you haven’t yet, you should join our Audio2Face channel on discord: NVIDIA Omniverse

It’s one of our most active channels and there are a lot of people working on similar projects there. I bet they would love to see what you’re doing and might be able to help you as you progress.

Just did some googling myself and it looks like you should be able to export GLB from as noted here: How to convert a GLB avatar file to FBX?. It’s not something I’ve done, however, so I would definitely check in on the discord channel.

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