Real time 500fps video encoding?

Hey community.

I’m working on a project that involves compressing an enormous amount of images off a camera on the fly. specifically 500fps at 650x500px resolution. Overall roughly ~200MB/s.

Would compressing this much data in real time be viable on the TX1 given off-the-shelf algorithms?

The TX1 claims to be able to encode 30fps 4Kvideo which requires a 700MB/s compresion rate. that seems to indicate that this won’t be any problem whatsoever?

As long as you remain at or under the aggregate encoding rate of 4Kp30 or 1080p120, in theory it should be OK, however at your high-speed rate of 500Hz you should try it firsthand to verify the camera capture interface (USB3?) and gstreamer cope OK with the high FPS.