Real time eye shader?

I was wondering if it’s possible in the material graph to create a real time eye shader. I seen this video: NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face Real-Time Facial Animation Demo | GTC 2023 Updates - YouTube
and was curious how the eye shader was done. I do character art and I know how eye shaders work with offline rendering (path tracers) so im curious if we have a real time eye shader option similar to ue5 or marmoset toolbag 4 that uses parallax mapping.


Hello @3DKs! I’m not 100% sure if we support Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) yet. I believe the dev team as included a workaround for importing that material into Omniverse.

I’ll send this post over to the dev team to ask for help in creating a real time eye shader using the material graph. I also suggest that you join our discord community at where we have 1,000’s of people that can help you get started on your quest!

Yeah I actually seen that workaround in the release notes and forgot to mention it. I actually managed to get my eye shader working correctly in real time mode. I haven’t done any animation renders yet to see if it has any artifacts or any problems in general, but the iris and lens are creating the proper refraction effect I wanted in real time. POM would still be pretty sweet as I’m sure it would be better for performance and could be used for other things.

I’m also in the discord already. I’ll try to use it more :)