REAL TIME Finite Element solver

Hi, are there available (on the market) FE solvers solving in real time for CAE/manufacturing engineering applications (eg. Ansys)? Real time could be defined approximately as graphics rendering 60Hz; deformation calculus 100Hz; around 180,000 nodes.

Thank you

Thanks for the posting …is there a link about what you mentioned?

No, I’m a student and I’m investigating, if I could reach these parameters, would that be the fastest solver on the market regarding CAE applications? Thanks.

Are you trying to find such an application for an ARM-based Linux distribution specifically? If not, this question might be better asked on a different forum.

As with many engineering software packages for a specific purpose, it doesn’t appear that this is a very large software market, so solutions would be rather limited. I’m sure you’ve seen this list of packages:, but there is no mention of real-time capabilities on any of these; I believe it would be up to you to see if any of these can fit your needs.