Real time Fourier Camera

Hello everyone,

I am trying to find my way in the complicated CUDA universe. I have read many online tutorials, but I haven’t found one
yet that really explains the absolute basics of practically starting to write programs with CUDA.
I found some tutorials on how to do it via MVS, some via Matlab, etc, but I don’t know which one I should start with…

My goal is to process images coming from a camera by Fourier transforming them on the graphics card, doing a little frequency altering,
and the fourier transforming them back to the space domain and stream them in real time.

With this goal in mind, which way would you recommend me to begin learning CUDA to do this? Matlab with Mex, MVS, … or another way?
I have no experience with Visual Studio, but I do know some Matlab, java, fortran,…
Also, do you know any tutorials/books/sites that you would recommend me to check?



I’ve previously posted a Visual C++ 2005 Project and required DLLs that performs the SDK’s Box filter on live video (e.g. a webcam image).
It is certainly possible to combine the video code with other SDK projects, for example some CUFFT sample.

Unfortunately, this code is pure C/C++ and based on Matlab at all.

Thread is HERE…=64&t=77877