real-time kernel

Hi jabney,

The issue description is empty, send it too quick?

Sorry about the missing description. Thought I had found an answer, in the meantime, but instead things got weird. Downloaded two programs: Ardour and AbiWord, and both programs are missing their Menu strips at the top of each. My power supply right now is a 2A MicroUSB, and I had already ordered a 4A barrel-style power supply to give more amperage. Maybe the extra amperage will restore one or both Menu strips at the same time.

best, john

And now I am showing my age. Turns out my screen is behaving like the kool kidz so if I don’t put a window at the very top, the Menu strip disappears. So Ardour is starting to look better - not perfect, but better. Now the latest issue: QjackCtl is available, but when Ardour is running, QjackCtl won’t start. That should be fun to figure out.