Real time low latency encoding and streaming of multiple video streams


My requirement is to stream multiple encoded video streams from Jetson TX2 to a remote server. The streams should have extreme low latency, and should support real-time encoding. My plan is to utilize ffmpeg or g-streamer hardware acceleration to achieve this task.

Gstreamer acceleration :

ffmpeg acceleration:

My questions are:

  1. How many 720p/30fps video streams can Jetson TX2 handle at a given time?. My requirement is to handle atleast 6 streams!.
  2. Does Jetson TX2 actually support ffmpeg or gstreamer hardware acceleration and can it achieve real-time encoding with both H.264 and H.265 standards?
  3. Is Jeton TX2 board the ideal hardware equipment for my requirement?. Is there a better hardware support from NVIDIA to achieve this goal?

Thanks for the support.

We have verified 6 1080p60 h265encoding

gstreamer is HW accelerated. Here is the user guide
ffmpeg on TX2 does not support HW acceleration.

If you are good with gstreamer, you can try TX2.
VIDEO CODEC SDK on desktop GPUs are also good for your usecase

Hi thanujaz8ayh,

I was successful at streaming 6 x 1080p/30fps streams on a local wired and wireless network. Our plan is to eventually stream over aggregated 4G. It is capable via GStreamer.