Real time Object Detection - Python 2 vs Python 3?

Using this to install open CV and Tensorflow -

And this app to run the object detection -

it works great, but only works in Python 2, is there any simple way to get it to work in Python 3?



We have built TensorFlow for both python-2 and python-3.
Please check this topic for the package link:


We also have a repository on GitHub that demonstrates accelerated use of models from the TensorFlow Object Detection API.

This includes a setup script that simplifies installation for Python 2 and 3. This repository currently covers a subset of the SSD models from the TensorFlow object detection API. We have tested that the following models work using Python 2 and 3 with some modifications applied.


Please let me know if you’re interested in using one of the above models and I’m happy to provide more details.

Thanks, everyone, it’s going to be a few days until I can get back to this portion of the project so I’ll let you know then. Thanks again!