Real-time streaming from computer to computer


I am writing to you, to ask for help with my research. I am a computer science student at University of Ostrava. And I was wondering, if you could somehow help me with my problem. I am working on methods of visualization of image. More precisely, I need a solution for interactive streaming of image from a computer to a computer. The main concern is the speed because it needs to be interactive. Do you have any idea or thoughts about this problem? Maybe with implementation of your devices, hardware…

I would appreciate every help or information, that would help me to come up with a solution to this problem.

Thank you for your time.


Lukas Benedik.

Number of options are avalible :

  • Through Wifi (without internet its also possible by connecting through same router
    • Transmission through video telimitery... Video sender and reciver (In this case you have to convert digital frame in to analog and vice versa)