Real time streaming of video to PC

Hello, how easy is it to get real time streaming over wifi to a PC working? I’m interested in having my desktop do image processing with openCV and pytorch while the jetson nano acts as the host.

In addition, has anyone set up PC control of the nano? In particular I’m interested in having the nano act as a link and the PC act as a controller for an autonomous robot. The nano would need to transmit sensor information and run commands issued by the desktop. I’m not sure if the lag would be too much for things like SLAM - ideas?

A general usecase is to use test-launch to lauhcn RTSP server in gstreamer. You can refer to

The omx plugins are deprecated and you can run

“videotestsrc ! nvvidconv ! nvv4l2h265enc ! h265parse ! rtph265pay name=pay0 pt=96”

For running with OpenCV, you can refer to

For advanced usecases, please look at
These are contributions from community. You can check if any project can be used as a reference of developing your usecase.


What do you think the delay would be from the camera to my desktop over a wifi connection?

More generally, do you think it’s possible to control the jetson through the PC in real time? Either through socket programming or some other means.

Last, is there instructions to transfer a learned deep learning model from PC to jetson?


We don’t try the case. We have tried local streaming in this post. Please refer to it and try streaming through wifi.

We don’t verify the case of controlling Jetson Nano through PC in realtime. Please refer to the projects from community contribution. See if you can apply either one to your usecase.

For running deep learning inference on Jetson platforms, we would suggest use DeepStream SDK. Please check the documents:

For training/applying a model, please look at