Real-time synchronization fails

Click on the lightning icon to appear
Only a stage in Nucleus can start a live-sync session.
click on the layer without the cloud icon.

I am not sure I understand your question as written. I am assuming from the title you are having trouble with Live Sync. Some general advice is to make sure you are properly connected to your local Nucleus host in the OV Launcher before starting your Create and DCC software. Then save your file into the Projects folder inside your local host directory of Nucleus.

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I don’t know if I successfully connected to the nucleus host. But I did follow the tutorial to create a local server for nucleus. I can transfer model data between create and maya but I can’t synchronize it in real time. I click live sync and he prompts me Only a stage in Nucleus can start a live-sync session.

Yes, it looks like you have nothing currently open. First create a scene and save it to USD. Then open that scene in both Create and your editing program. Then create a live session in one software. Then join the live session from the other software. The file has to be saved into your LocalHost Nucleus work area, ideally under Projects. You can create a subfolder for each project and save the USD file in there.

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Thanks a lot
I’ve solved the problem

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Great that is excellent.