Real-time Video Display on Omniverse

I successfully displayed an animation on Omniverse by using the material OmniPBR_Animated and images prepared beforehand, but not sure if real-time video display/animation on Omniverse is possible. Is there any method of simultaneously displaying a video/consecutive images on Omniverse while that images/video are generated by some python code? Or is there any pipeline that supports this transport of video/images to Omniverse? Many thanks.

Hi @GC3! Does what you’re looking to do need to be in the viewport or could it meet your needs if it was a image/view feed in some UI widget?

I am looking for putting the images in the viewport, but if it doesn’t work, I can also see if a image/view feed in UI widget works. Can UI interface display animation by the way?

Hi @mati-nvidia, is it possible to realize real-time animation in the viewport?

I think it’s pretty experimental, but you could try omni.ui.scene.Image.

Thank you!