Real-time video stabilization

Hello experts,

Wondering if there is any API developed for real-time video stabilization using Jetson boards. There is probably one in gstreamer but not sure how effective that is working on Jerson TX2 NX that could stabliize camera feed in real-time from moderate shake/jitter so that if a BGS model is used (eg., OpenCV MOG2) it does not find any foreground (false) objects.

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback.

There is no hardware acceleration for this. You would need to check if there is software solution and can achieve target performance. Would need other users to share experience.

Thanks @DaneLLL for your feedback. With or without hadrware, I am expecting feedback from all fellow Jetson developers about their experience. I couldn’t find good useful API/implementation either for Jetson or for any other platforms that could stabilize fixed camera feed well in real-time.

I am trying to solve here my particluar problem, which is, when there is wind and the fixed camera mounted on a pole shakes, the background subtraction algorithm produces false foreground objects and thats what I want to minimize. I developed an algorithm which can be plugged in the middle of the pipeline between the camera feed and BGS and that minimizes the foreground objects a bit but the performance is not satisfactory. I am looking for better implementation. I was expecting to find better solution as I thought this is a very typical problem but unfortunately I could not find anything useful.

Wondering if anyone tried any gyro based implementation for Jetson. I think there are challenges in synchronizing gyro data with camera frames but this could probably give the best outcome if it is implemented correctly.

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