Real to complex FFTs using the cufftdx library


Is there any further detail on the proper use of the cufftdx:Thread for real to complex transforms.
I can call the FFT, but the input and output structures aren’t documented.


To update: it appears that the real to complex Thread implementation requires allocating a complex local thread array equal to the size of the input real data, whilst the input data is written into a reinterpret_cast<float*> view.

My follow up question is then, are there any plans to allow this Thread interface to use complex arrays of length FFTSIZE/2 + 1?


We saw some interest in improving R2C/C2R recently so it is on our radar - but cannot give firm dates when it’ll be available. Would you mind sharing more info about your use case? (here or DM’me).

Best regards,
Lukasz Ligowski