Realistic Lighting in Justice with Mesh Shading

Originally published at: Realistic Lighting in Justice with Mesh Shading | NVIDIA Developer Blog

NetEase Thunder Fire Games Uses Mesh Shading To Create Beautiful Game Environments for Justice In December, we interviewed Haiyong Qian, NetEase Game Engine Development Researcher and Manager of NetEase Thunder Fire Games Technical Center, to see what he’s learned as the Justice team added NVIDIA ray-tracing solutions to their development pipeline. Their results were nothing…

Fantastic! :)

Are these 1.8 Billion only the highest LOD or all LODS added together? :D

Hi! 1.8 billion is only the highest LOD.

Fantastic!, thanks for the response! Do you think it’s possible with 2 billion?, where there 1.8 billion on screen at once or on the map in total? also do you know if it’s possible with all types of meshes or only static? :)

It is definitely impossible to render 2 billion triangles on screen without any sort of LOD, but with LOD I think 2 billion on screen at once is possible. The complexity is only dependent on screen resolution approximately.
Currently we only support static meshes. It may be possible to render dynamic meshes with mesh shading efficiently, but culling will be a difficult part since dynamic meshes have no fixed bounding box or something similar.