Realsense R200 freezes upon connecting

Hi all,
When we plug the Realsense R200 in to our TK1, running the “r200_nodelet_default” node, it freezes, does not show any further messages, and does not show any errors after this message:

[ INFO] [1474748112.582733021]: /camera - Starting camera

We have to always press the Reset button on the TK1 after this happens.
Any idea why the Realsense freezes the node/TK1?

Here’s what we’ve tried:

  • To make sure Realsense gets enough power, we plugged it in to a USB hub, which has its own power adapter.
  • To make sure it's not a USB speed issue, we disconnected all other things to the USB hub, which is USB 3.0
  • We have the Grinch kernel installed.
  • To make sure it's not an HDMI issue, we removed the cable and are SSHing into the TK1.
  • Power draw is ~10-15% before running ROS, and ~20% running ROS and the node, regardless of whether the camera is plugged in.

Update: Running “r200_nodelet_rgbd.launch” with the Realsense plugged in makes all cores go to 100% and freezing.

I don’t know which base package you are using, but you might try flashing the more recent R21.5. You may not need the backports Grinch provides.

I flashed R21.5 on a clean board, without Grinch. Whereas before it would say “Starting camera,” now it’s not even finding the camera…

The next step would be to find out what driver is required. Grinch had many configured which already existed in the kernel, but previously had been unconfigured; other drivers were backported and not normally available…the backported ones are the ones which give a particularly good reason to use Grinch. Do you have any references on the Realsense which would make finding the driver possible?

Did you modify the uvcvideo module and install librealsense?

Might have figured it out… didn’t enable USB 3.0 from the TK1…