Realsense-viewer won't run headless

I can’t run realsense-viewer headless via ssh on my Jetson Nano.
I can run realsense-viewer using Jetson Nano as Desktop very well

I have two Desktop machines running ubuntu 18.04 and I can run realsense-viewer headlessly
between them.

Have I overlooked a configuration set up

Does it matter which version of Tegra orJetpack I am running.

My project is a 4 wheel drive field robot using wheel chair motors with tiller tires.
I am running an industrial Module with emmc on the Nano BO board which I find for my project to be
a positive improvement. It has helped with shock and temperature issues.

I do want to use the realsense cameras in my project via ssh. I can use the D435 with gstreamer but the latency is
not acceptable with realsense viewer it is low latency.

Any help really appreciated.


We have tried to launch D435 with the application in connecting to a TV. Since it is a 3rdparty app and not sure if it supports headless mode. Would need other users to share experience.