Realsense + ZED USB REC overflow

I run the following setup:
*Jetson Xavier NX, L4T 32.4.3

  • Stereo camera ZED2 (connected to USB3.0)
  • Stereo camera Realsense D435i (connected to USB3.0)

Unfortunately, when I have both cameras connected, I get the following error on the Realsense camera.

Hardware Notification:USB REC overflow,1.59463e+12,Error,Hardware Error

When I run the Realsense camera without the ZED, I don’t get the error.


No enough bandwidth, that are 6 video streams. Try low the resolution and fps, or reduce the streams number as do not stream stereo, only rgb and depth. Be sure you are in the last version of realsense-sdk and firmware, a related issue was fixed in the last builds. I read the issue continued on realsense ros wrapper after be fixed in SDK, ask in their github if it is still without fix