RealTek Tools for eFuse configuration of RTS5411 USB Hub on Nano Development Board B01

Could you provide more information on the Realtek tool that is referred to in the note on page 8 of the P3449_B01 schematic: “SPI Flash was removed from B01, customize RTS5411 internal eFuse (DSP1/2/3/4_PWR High active,
disable charging feature, SSC valid) with Realtek tool.” Is there a program script or list of commands that were used with the tool to do the configuration? Can you provide a link where I can download the tool? Other topics somewhat address this, but the answers seem vague at best. If I forgo using the tool, leave charging enabled and invalidate SSC (will not be issues in my application), can I just use an external inverter for the DSP1234 signal before feeding it to the TPS259530DSG eFuse and the USB subsystem should work? Thanks -

Hi, devkit is for development and as a design example reference. If you plan to use same RTS5411, you need to check with vendor, Realtek, for the tool and tuning guide.

The external inverter design is not validated, you can try that but we have no suggestion on it.