RealTime Linux with GTX1060

Dear All,
I’m a newbie about developing CUDA application. I read other topics about my question, but it’s still not clear for me.

I should develop a vision system based on Linux OS and a GTX1060. System will acquire images, process through CUDA and output results on actuators (formerly Mosfets).

Mosfet output frequency is around 20 KHz.

I thought to install Xenomai kernel to manage real time outputs, but after reading some topics into the forum, I don’t have understood if Xenomai and CUDA can work together.

Let me know.

Thank You

The supported environments for CUDA are listed in the CUDA linux install guide.

The linux distribution I will use is Ubuntu 16.04, that is listed into installation guide, but I don’t find any receference to Real Time Kernel Patch such as Xenomai.