Realtime sub-division please?

See this cc 3.4 screen capt, I have max smooth level in my hair object:

Now I export is to Omniverse USD, see what I get:

Skin and face is great just with defaults ( thanks Omniverse you just saved me 50 hours of tweaking! ) but hair geometry is not smooth.

CC support answered to me about this:

Thank you for contacting Reallusion.

The realtime sub-division in CC3 and iClone is a graphics card render-time feature. DirectX 11 is doing that for you in realtime at the rendering stage. The actual geometry of the model is not increased. So please check the Omniverse manual for a similar realtime sub-division feature. This is the same type of feature that Unreal and Unity use as well, and has to be turned on in each application.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

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So how can I activate this kinda of realtime sub-division feature?

From manuals, I found that there is RTX settings / Common / Geometry / Subdivision Global Refinement Level
Subdivision Featrure-adaptive Refinement

It this the one?

I tried to raise this setting. Sadly it did not smoothed the hair polygons, not in path-traced live preview nor in PTraced rendering.

Nvidia, any suggestions here?

Technical Support, Reallusion Inc

It is a realtime-only function that happens during the render on the GPU. Hopefully someone in the Omniverse forum can help you more with activating the function.

We’re working on proper support for BasisCurves for hair and fur. That is coming soon. In the meantime, hair needs to be represented as meshes.

What settings did you try? Is the hair exported as SubD meshes? If not, they won’t be affected by the refinement level.

Hey, great to hear this! Maybe the hair then pretty soon supports dynamics like wind too :)

I tried these settings:
Subdivision Global Refinement Level 0 - 20

Subdivision Featrure-adaptive Refinement: on and off.

No difference at all, so it must be then exported as non SubD meshes. I ask about this from cc support. Thanks!

CC support:
The sub-D is realtime only. It cannot be exported. Sorry. It is a DirectX rendering trick that many realtime engines take advantage of. Apparently Omniverse does not support the realtime tessalation.

Technical Support
Reallusion Inc.

Hair and fur coming from iclone or CC are low poly meshs, so its need a tesselation shader for RTX realtime render. for pathtracing its dont works . the guys from Marmoset developed your own tesselation for low poly meshs to render with path tracing, so i think is someone developers of the omniverse forget HAHAHAH. as i am new using ominverse is what i can say i discovering ominverse, but as unity user and with some experience using RTX raytracing on unity what i can say you need tesselation not subdivision. as subdvision will break the magic of the speed of a game engine. tessealtion is used in realtime engines for years i suprised if this not exists in ominverse

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for cc3 hair to increase the quality try go here

i giving up, i dont have patient actualy for betas maybe when it come out from beta

Thanks for the tip, but it did not made the hair geometry any smoother…


Refinement ( on a hair mesh ) 5:

Refinement ( on a hair mesh ) 25:

i believe it only works with static meshs not with skined meshs, btw is a beta, i dont care for now, i just playing with that like a toy when have time, and reporting regular bugs.