reboot hangs after installing NVIDIA drivers

On my CentOS 7 system, I was seemingly successful at installing the NVIDIA driver “”.

When I re-booted, the boot process hangs with the following as the last message:

Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes.

Someone suggested that I set my system to disable Secure Boot. I checked, and the default is that Secure Boot is disabled.

Right now I have a system that is useless, and became so just after I rebooted after the installation of the NVIDIA driver.

What can I do now?

It may be that the nvidia driver install has corrupted your intel display driver stack.

The instructions above may restore it.

Since you are on a laptop, the display is typically handled by intel graphics. in that case, when you install a driver runfile installer or CUDA runfile installer, you want to pass a flag to the installer to avoid this condition. that switch is either --no-opengl-libs or --no-opengl-files, depending on whether we are talking about the CUDA runfile installer or driver runfile installer.

This info is contained in the linux install guide I previously linked on your previous question.

I am having issue that, when I already install CUDA 10.1 and its works fine with pytorch but when i try to run another jupyter notebook using cuda then its stop and its show False(torch.cuda.is_available())
Again I need to reboot my PC.
SO how can I solve this issue?