Reboot Jetson TX2 from connected host machine

My Jetson TX2 is in recovery mode. I need to reboot it to start from normal mode but I cannot access directly to this device. Is there any way to reboot Jetson device using command line on host machine?
Thank you.

Do you have either ssh or serial console access? From either of those just:

# full shutdown:
sudo shutdown -h now
# reboot:
sudo shutdown -r now

Because the Jetson device is running in recovery mode. I cannot ping to/SSH it. But I am not sure about " serial console access", Tx2 now connect to host machine via microUSB port.

So far as I know there is no accessible way to reboot via software in recovery mode. When a flash completes the unit does reboot, and so obviously there is a way this can be done. I just don’t know of any way to manually achieve this. is actually a front end to flash, and at one point I see this (example from R32.1):

681         if [ "${CHIPID}" = "0x19" ]; then
 682                 mkfilesoft soft_fuses     "${TARGET_DIR}/BCT/${SOFT_FUSES}";
 683                 cp2local soft_fuses "${BL_DIR}/${soft_fusesname}";
 684                 args+="--soft_fuses ${soft_fusesname} "
 685                 args+="--bins \"mb2_applet ${MB2APPLET}\" ";
 686                 command+=";reboot recovery"
 687         fi

If I were to try and figure this out, then I’d trace the “command” variable to its point of execution, which probably leads to “”, but I have not looked further.

Perhaps someone from NVIDIA could comment on how to send command “reboot recovery” on command line.

If you have an issue with a flash not automatically rebooting, then the flash failed.