Rebooting under load

We are using Xavier NX in our application with 20W 6 core power mode.

As we are utilizing all peripherals and lot of processing power (CPU and GPU). The system is getting rebooted at the time of high utilization and we start continuous image acquisition from cameras.
Details of cameras :-
1x 20 MP GigE camera with a payload size of approx 60mb

1x 20 MP USB camera

1x 12Mp USB camera

1x Ethernet connection

1x nvme SSD for OS drive

1 4A motor connected via spi based motor driver

5x i2c based IO

As we need to utilize all peripherals with maximum processing power, we need solution for this issue.

I request you to kindly provide any already implemented solution. If possible, kindly connect us to respective person in regards to the solution.

Also, I would like to know the absolute maximum power consumption of the SOM in case if we make our own profiles.

I can’t offer much help, but I will say that often a reboot under load is because the power supply does not regulate sufficiently. Jetsons tend to be picky about quality of regulation.

However, what you should really do is set up a serial console for logging. Before you start adding load begin “dmesg --follow” in the serial console, and enable logging on the console. When the reboot occurs there should be information captured on the host PC which is performing the logging (or sometimes the lack of log information is also a clue).

A similar log, if “dmesg --follow” does not help, might be to log “tegrastats” in the same way and see if something shows up there, e.g., voltage or temperature looking odd.

Then attach the logs to this forum thread, and be sure to mention which release you use (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”), along with any information on which carrier board you use (if eMMC model, or just say it is SD card model).

Note: Also, if possible, make sure (at least for testing) that any external device has its own power source rather than being powered by the Jetson.

Please use command line “tegrastats” to show the real time power consumption of main parts. The total power will be about 20W in max as it is 20W nvpmodel.