Reboots by itself over and over

Thanks for the information. I might buy the one you have suggested, aaron.s.markham ;)

By the way: yesterday I managed to install Kodi on my Jetson Nano and system rebooted with Kodi as default. On that situation I can perfectly watch a film or video and nano does not reboot (5V/3A). I guess that’s because Unity desktop is not running and nano has less power consumption.

I’ve installed XFCE4 (sudo apt install xfce4) that uses much less memory than Unity and I will check if it does reboot or not. It used to reboot after running Plex with the hard disk connected, because it tries to download from the internet all the covers from the music or videos I have on my hard disk (which also requires more memory). If Kodi does not reboot nano (it has much more quality than Plex to see videos) I would wait before buying a new power supply.

For testing and development environment:
If you have an old ATX power supply laying around, you can get a

The breakout adapter with the ATX power supply should be able to provide plenty of 5V and 12V power.
This bench setup is also good for any other future project as well. So it’s good to have it around. Of course, you can make your own and there are plenty of how-tos on the net.

Also, you may need to turn swap on so especially if you are going to use a USB drive (I use a SSD with USB to SSD adapter). Before I did that, my Jetson nano will reboot itself when I tried to compile some stuff due to ran out of memory.

Very interesting, longbean. Could you please post here the command you used to turn on swap? I had same problem with my SSD-USB.

Since I installed XFCE4 my nano has not rebooted anymore, so I guess I will continue using my 5V/3A adapter and won’t buy a 5V/4A one by now. It seems it’s clear that the high consumption of memory of Unity ended up with the nano reboot when an extra effort was needed (to read the SSD disk in my case when listing its directories).

Thanks in advance!

This is the article I read.

And before I turn the swap on, I was able to perform source compilation by just switch to run level 3.

You can do so by this command “init 3” at the Terminal window. Once it switch to text mode, press CTRL-ALT-F1 and log in with your default user.

After you done with whatever you need to do with more available memory, you can either reboot the Jetson Nano or type “sudo init 5” to switch back to graphical interface. With that, you may not need to install a new and switch the Windows Manager and turn swap on just to compile a few source file that need more memory.

Glad to hear it helped. I’ve found power supplies in general for dev boards to be a mixed bag. I don’t think any one brand is usually as reliable as any other. I suspect many come from the same factory. I have been disappointed with Adafruit chargers in the past (loose connection somewhere in the cable on multiple chargers). Now I pick whatever fits the specifications on amazon and has Prime delivery. It’s cheaper, returns are easier and so far the reliabiliy is on par so long as the seller and item has good reviews that don’t look fake.

Thanks so much longbean. I’ll have a look and configure the same way to improve performance of my jetson nano ;-)

Only with Nano (no other peripherals like camera…), you can power the evaluation board with any 5V,4A adapter. But if camera is connected through USB then 5V adapter is not good enough. You need to supply at least 5.2V to the Nano. This solves Nano reboot issue. This is based on my experience.

If you turn on bluetooth on th Nano, which may cause NANO reboot by itself even under small load.