Recall for Yolov4?

How can I get the Recall metric for a specific epoch after I’ve trained yolov4?
I searched for other posts about this and it was suggested to use tlt-infer but yolov4 uses ‘tlt yolo_v4 inference’ instead and I didn’t see any metrics from its output.

tlt-infer is the inference command in TLT2.0.
tlt yolo_v4 inference is the inference command in TLT 3.0.
They do the same work.
Yolo_v4 does not provide recall metric directly.

Thanks for clarification. Is there a way I can get the number of True Positives and False Negatives when running tlt yolo_v4 inference?

The tlt yolo_v4 inference will generate annotated images. And it can also generate the label results.
These label files can help end user compare the ground truth.

The tlt yolo_v4 evaluate only print AP and mAP result. I will sync with internal team for your request.