Recent drivers don't display greyed-out items in menues created with Xaw (X Athena Widget Library)

To reproduce, hold Control + Mouse Button (try left, middle, and right) anywhere in an xterm (the real one from or go through the menues of the xboard program (if you have it).

Affected are both RHEL5 and RHEL6 for quite some time now. Other X drivers work correctly on both platforms.

Also properly working is Nvidia driver 295.71.


I have attached a screenshot of a broken xboard menue. And sooner or later, the missing bits come up all over the place, see second screenshot. Taken with el5/fvwm, el6/gnome+compositing and either 331.20 or 331.38.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (54.9 KB)

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Such basic stuff is still broken in 331.49.

Option "IndirectMemoryAccess" "off"

is a workaround. Real fix still appreciated.

Sorry this slipped through the cracks. I reproduced the problem and filed bug 1466730.

Still broken in 331.67.

Somehow like heartbleed: what I don’t get now pops up later on as junk for whoever logs in after me.