Recent GeForce drivers causing severe slowdown in legacy games

We have been receiving multiple reports from players over a number of months that recent GeForce drivers (drivers released after 457.30) are causing severe performance issues in our legacy title, Stronghold 2. We have not been able to recreate the issue but here is an example of the reports we have been receiving…

“There are serious performance issues resulting from using recent Nvidia Game Drivers. All nvidia drivers after version 457.30, including the latest one (496.13) seems to be affected with this problem. The problem is as follows: After running Stronghold 2 in any kingmaker or custom map game mode, after about 15 or 30 minutes the game starts lagging terribly every time a player moves the mouse cursor. It looks like as if all ingame/cpu frames were skipped the moment when mouse is moved. The workaround to this problem is to restart the computer, lower mouse DPI at most to 500 or so, downgrade the drivers to 457.30 or not move mouse at all when lags starts appearing.”

Is this an issue you are aware of? Is it affecting any other games?