recommended accessories for new purchase


I am planning to purchase an AGX Xavier development board soon. What accessories would be useful to purchase along at the same time? I looked through the user’s manual and already have everything needed to start the board up, but am wondering if there is anything else that could be useful, such as SD card or other modules.


Hi arittenb, welcome to the Jetson community! Common accessories for the Xavier devkit include a camera, WiFi adapter (USB dongle or M.2 module), external SSD (via SATA or M.2 NVMe), USB-C hub, base enclosures, ect. It is very much up to your needs what you may wish to use.

See below for some example accessories and products that could be used with the kit:

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Make sure any monitor is actual HDMI and not using an adapter. If the monitor has an unusual specification, this too may not work.

I find it highly convenient to have a wireless keyboard and mouse. The one I linked to is nice because it uses a single USB adapter. You’ll want something like that or a USB hub.

Speaking of USB HUBs, it is often good to have an externally powered HUB. Many such HUBs do allow pulling power from the computer if the external power is disconnected, and this is a great debug tool for USB problems. External power would imply a greater power delivery ability to USB (not important with keyboard/mouse, but this can be important with higher power draws, e.g., cameras or hard drives).

An nvme ssd to copy portions of the rootfs to will greatly speed things up and reduce wear on the emmc. While you can’t boot directly off it (yet), it’s not a big deal.

A powered root hub or reputable wireless dongle (most are very easy to mitm) is also a good suggestion. If you go for a wifi adapter, I’d recoommend an intel m2 card (8265) instead of usb for speed and stability.