Recommended database on 1TB Storage on Jetson AGX Xavier

Dear All,

Just want to know which is the best database which could be installed on the Jetson AGX Xavier board, as i need to store lots of images (non-relational data) on the attached 1TB storage. Also, i need to create a C++ interface to access this database and on other side i want a JDBC access too.

I already explored lots of conversations on this forum and came to know that MySql is not supported for ARM architecture. But then what are the options we have?

Please help!

I don’t have answer, may other developers help to share experiences.

ok @kayccc
Has anoy one of you tried PostGresSQL?

I have not tried PostgreSQL on a Jetson, but have used it in the past and was pleased with it. I see that it is available on arm64, so I will say it is worth trying. If there is an issue, then likely it is one of making sure whatever connectivity method you use (e.g., ODBC or JDBC) is added.

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I’ve used sqlite3 on Jetson before and found it a good match for the types of lightweight databases commonly encountered in embedded applications. That said, it’s low overhead does come with some well-known limitations and trade-offs that may or may not make it a good fit for you.

Personally, if I were storing images I would just store them on the filesystem itself in some organized directory structure along with metadata, but you may have other requirements (such as serving external connections / queries).

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