Recommended development hardware for ISAAC SDK and ISAAC SIM

Soon my team will start bugfixing work on a ISAAC SDK 2020 codebase.
I want to develop ISAAC SDK and simulate in ISAAC SIM on the same machine.
Is there a known list of components or a prebuilt laptop/PC model name that is tested and recommended for the above usecase?

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Take a look at the the system requirements for Isaac SDK 2020.2 and accompanying Isaac Sim 2020.2.2.

Hello hemals,
Thank you for your attention. I already read the system requirements for both products. I am thinking of a 9th gen Intel processor and RTX2080, but I want to avoid buying hardware only to discover an issue and waste time and resources. Are there any laptops/PC models NVIDIA or partner engineers tested on? Anything would be helpful.

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Hi Hemals,

Specific laptop model recommendation to run Isaac SDK and Isaac SIM on the same machine would be also very useful for me too.

If I understand correctly, we need a laptop with a relatively old CPU to run Ubuntu 18.04 - Intel Core i7 (9th Generation or older) for Isaac SDK with a fairly new and powerful GPU GeForce RTX 8GB of VRAM or more for running Isaac SIM.

Can you share examples of such laptop models that would be currently available on the market?

Hi Hemals,
I am still waiting for your reply

We do not have any specific endorsements for laptops to run both Isaac Sim and Isaac SDK beyond the minimum system requirements listed above.